YES! Joseph Pilates originally created Contrology (  The Classical Pilates Method) for everyone and every BODY.

Please note: All new clients are required to complete 5 private sessions before joining an apparatus class.

We require a medical release from your physician if you have heart issues, high blood pressure, surgeries within the last year.

A Pilates apparatus class incorporates pilates machines ( reformers, chairs, barrels, and more) to assist and challenge the pilates exercises. 

Pilates on the mat is a method, and it is a series of classical Pilates exercises put together intelligently to build your strength, stamina, stretch, and stability. It is the ultimate workout!

Find the current class schedule here

On occasion, clients with HSA (health savings accounts) can use it for pilates lessons or injury rehabilitation. We advise that you contact your insurance directly.

Pilates is a physical method of conditioning that is designed intelligently with purpose. All of the exercises are linked together to create uniformity of the body and the mind, body, and spirit. The Pilates apparatus was designed to improve the mat exercises and meet your individual needs.

Active Pilates Studio follows the CDC guidelines. We ask that clients who aren’t vaccinated wear a mask, and if you’ve had exposure to COVID-19, please do not attend in-studio classes.

Virtual Classes are $20 for a single session. Our in-studio apparatus classes are $35 for a single session. 


Active Pilates Studio Packages

Active Pilates requires a minimum of 24-hours of cancellation before the session; if there is a late cancellation, the session will be deducted from the training pack.

If you do not have a training pack, you will receive an invoice for the missed session.

We require a 24 hour cancellation policy or you will be charged for you class.

Please wear comfortable exercise clothing. Leggings are the preferred clothing for a pilates class.

We recommend that you have a comfortable exercise mat, dumbbells, power circle and a foam roller. Go to performbetter to purchase these items.

For private training, clients will “request to book” sessions. Depending on instructor availability, your request will be approved or invited to reschedule your session.


Please request to book a duet appointment with an instructor only if you have a partner in mind whom you would like to train with you. ​

Depending on instructor availability, your request will be approved or invited to reschedule your session.


Please note: If you or your partner cannot make the session, the remaining client will have to decide whether to keep the appointment (private session) or cancel/reschedule the meeting entirely. 

Please note the same 24-hour cancellation policy applies to duets.

A single private personal training session is $80 for a customized 50-minute pilates session. 


All personal training sessions adhere to a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. Find the full cancellation policy here.

We take our client’s & instructor’s safety seriously. Active Pilates studio follows the guidance set forth from the Anne Arundel County Public School System.
If the schools are 2 hours late we will post on our website and email you our plan for morning classes. If they are closed we will not have morning classes. We will monitor the situation throughout the day to decide if we will have evening classes. Please check our website and your email for updates.

Please contact us through our website prior to your first class. You will need a laptop, iPad or mobile device with a zoom account in order to participate in classes. Please have your video set up and turned on so the instructor can see the entire mat from a side view and mute yourself at the begining of class. The instructor will let you know what props etc you will need for class.